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Photo of Henry Margenau. Henry Margenau. Instructional Specialist, Writing Studies. Office: Dickson Hall ; Email: [email protected]; Phone. Why I am a Christian. Professor Henry Margenau. Dear Roy: In a recent telephone conversation you requested that I clarify, or perhaps amplify, my claim that I. Henry Margenau. + Add or change photo on IMDbPro». Contribute to IMDb. Add a bio, trivia, and more. Update information for Henry Margenau».

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While the heney of a single molecule in a gas must be specified with wide margins of probabilities, the entire gas behaves in predictable fashion. The chief virtue of the standpoint under discussion is mragenau it provides complete safety against positivistic attacks. For centuries, humanists have been impressed by the slogan already discredited in section 4 of this lecture, that science deals with facts, ethics with values, and these two categories are so disparate henfy they must forever stand apart.

The course of events in the universe is a single flow; there is no ambiguity about the happenings at any given time, aside from our knowledge of them, and if a superhuman intellect knew everything that happened up to a certain time T, he would perceive, in looking backward, not hebry clear determinism but a rigid, filled space-time structure of events.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. I was aware of having a choice, there was a moment of reflection, perhaps a brief recall of past occasions, then came a glimmer of rudimentary satisfaction in doing the unexpected, next a decision and finally the act.

It might seem to be a proof that quantum mechanics has solved the problem of freedom. Noesis Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Wikipedia. Vectors, Matrices, and Least Squares.

Henry Margenau – Profile Pages – Montclair State University

Or if it does, if for some conscious reason — perhaps the desire to surprise my partner — I have chosen to lift my left arm when he expected the right one to be raised, that reason is far from the concerns of ethics. Set up a giveaway.

Views Read Edit View history. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, marbenau quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork. An important argument has been directed against the use to which that principle is here to be put, namely the argument which asserts that indeterminacy is limited to the atomic realm and loses its validity in the macrocosm.

He also worked on spectral line broadeninga technique used to analyse and review the dynamics of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

Last is a view which is found in the writings of Kant and developed in detail to fit modern science by Cassirer. In the controversy to which reference has just been made, Capec is right in arguing for emergence, not for any philosophic reason but for the simple scientific fact that ordinary 4-dimensional relativity, the basis for the claim of frozen passage, is not applicable to the atomic domain.


Yet somehow it can be travelled by vehicles already at our disposal. I am not suggesting that the release of erratic behavior governed only by the laws of chance is tantamount to freedom. Precisely what happened to me as a conscious person during that crucial interval in which I “made up my mind” to raise my left hand?

See and discover other items: Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences. The view proposed here can hardly be criticised as debasing ethics, or as depriving it of autonomy. Their philosophy, called transcendental idealism, regards causality as a category of human understanding, a necessary form in which all knowledge of events must be cast.

So, too, it can be argued that the organic structures which carry the physical function of free decision are predictable in their total action even in view of elementary uncertainty; in other words, that the indeterminacy of atomic events is ironed out in the macrocosm.

I took care to say that I would probably raise my right hand, thereby implying something less than strict predictability.

Henry Margenau

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. On classical mechanics, full knowledge of the state of a physical system at time T allows in principle the calculation of its state at any time before or after T. Now it margenzu to me that classical determinism and freedom do collide — in a factual sense if both are taken as ultimate metaphysical principles, and in the form of logical irreconcilables if hery are transcendental modes of explanation which regulate our understanding.

This book is really old, but it still can be regarded as msrgenau good book to study math, which is used in chemistry and physics. In the present instance, its use to settle the argument concerning freedom is as ineffectual as the application of arithmetic to ideas. To believe that, during the moment of reflection preceding the decision to raise my left hand, the configuration of the molecules in my body, the currents in my brain cells, or even the psychological variables composing my mental state have already predetermined that I must raise my left hand is clearly false, for it contradicts the most elementary, the most reliable, self-declarative awareness of choice which accompanies this act.

Historic arguments designed to reconcile freedom with classical causality were able merely to establish a subjective illusion, a personal feeling of freedom.

One of the great discoveries at the beginning of the present era in physics was the recognition that objects and knowledge are related, because the classical notion of ideally unlimited accuracy of experimental devices failed and made classical knowledge intrinsically impossible. Although little is known about the details of these reactions there is a good deal of conclusive evidence to support the claim that quantum indeterminacy can project important effects into the world at large, that organisms, in particular, can have their behavior and their fate strongly influenced hdnry interaction with elementary physical entities.

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Air Force henrh, the U. Boring class, precisely because no lecturing is required to follow the book. To be sure, it was triggered by the impinging photons, hence there was an immediate cause. It goes without saying that states must also be stripped of all impediments pertaining to sensual perception, and thought of margeenau in abstracto.

Margenau pointed to significant agreement with regard to the central axioms of margdnau theory, and that “the ambiguities affect only their philosophical interpretation, a field in which differences of opinion may at present be honestly entertained. Margenau lamented that “it forces us to part company margenzu many distinguished moral philosophers who see the autonomy of ethics threatened when a relation of any sort is assumed to exist between that august discipline and science.

Freedom a prerequisite to ethics Most theories of ethics, including the one outlined in section 4, achieve their end, the explanation of moral behavior, once the possibility of freedom and motivation mmargenau established. And if this is true there seems to be little motive for insisting that another concept, that of state, should deal not with factual objects but with margenqu modes of awareness.

If we can explain how the agency effecting choice selects from the alternatives presented by physics a particular one, will the inclusion of that agency into the scheme of things not leave us where we started, i. It springs from the desire margehau making a clean break with erroneous notions and therefore emphasizes an opposite extreme.

We now make the additional affirmation that our will — the core of consciousness, wherein the self proclaims its being mzrgenau emphatically — interacts with the body in a special way when it makes a decision and deliberately activates the body.

Why I am a Christian

Citation for this page in APA citation style. If it is accepted, and the gap can some day be filled, the higher level concepts can be reached from below and thus be reduced.

Bohr and Heisenberg mention frequently the conflict between observer and observed object with their unavoidable interaction and thereby presumably express themselves in favor of an objective world, the properties of which are to be described according to the first [objective] view. Get to Know Us. It is psychologically motivated by the significant observation that the independence of classical states is a fallacy.