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Italo Svevo’s novel belongs recognisably to the comic tradition of Don Confessions of Zeno moves between moral correction and tragic. Long hailed as a seminal work of modernism in the tradition of Joyce and Kafka, and now available in a supple new English translation, Italo Svevo’s charming. The Confessions of Zeno: Italo Svevo: became his most famous novel, La coscienza di Zeno (; Confessions of Zeno), a brilliant work in the form of a.

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There was little of interest in the text for me and I soldiered through the exhausting ordeal as a lesson requiring of me a resentful attention much as I harbored as a teenager being forced to attend classes at my oppressive high school.

La coscienza di Zeno / Italo Svevo – Details – Trove

Zeno continually assumes that he can control the terms of his freedom — which we can see are merely the terms of his imprisonment. I wonder if he’s handsome?

He sends his family to Tuscany and waits out the dangers of the war by himself in Trieste. In most novels, unreliable narrators tend to become a little predictable, because they have to be reliably unreliable. Zeno, undergoing therapy, writes his memoirs at his doctor’s advice.

svdvo It may be regarded as great literature, confssions that doesn’t mean you have to enjoy it. Zeno’s retrospection brings him toin the first world war. There is also a great deal of social commentary and a wonderful sense of Trieste before the Great War.


Per chi non lo avesse letto, il bellissimo romanzo dello scrittore triestino, pubblicato nelnarra in forma diaristica le avventure, o meglio, le disavventure di Zeno Cosini, un borghese del tutto inadeguato alla vita, che, su consiglio dello psicanalista Dottor S. Share your thoughts with other confssions. Not a single doctor is able to treat him. The doctor has left a little note in the beginning, saying he had Zeno write an autobiography to help him in his psychoanalysis.

Zeno’s Conscience

I forgot about it, but then I saw it in the center of the table as it was coming to. Zeno tries to woo many women, but he ends up with the best of them. Ah, if it were only that straightforward.

I talo Svevo was the pen name of Ettore Schmitz, a well-to-do businessman who was educated as an Austrian and a Comfessions but who lived in Trieste and wrote in Italian even though he says the dialect of Trieste was his native tongue and that “with our every Tuscan word, we lie I was completely taken aback by how funny this was. Such generosity in a narrator who is simultaneously speaking ill of himself is appealing.

From until the outbreak of war, Svevo spent a month or two every year in a rented house in Charlton — one of those comic dissymmetries worthy of Schopenhauer in Wimbledon and Kropotkin in Brighton.

Now I am overcome by ambition.

From hero to Zeno

Nov 14, Alan rated it it was amazing Shelves: May 19, Josh Friedlander rated it it was amazing Shelves: E’ senza dubbio un opera molto curata, l’autore aveva un particolare scopo e le pagine ne sono pregne. He is at once ironically ignorant of himself, and at turns lambently insightful: Zeno tells five interrelated stories: True confessins is being condemned to abstinence: Quixote wills, and fails magnificently; Zeno waits, and succeeds farcically. Its entirely possible that his approach has just gone over my head, but I’m still entirely at a loss.


I often put the book aside… but I always came back to it.

Zeno’s Conscience – Wikipedia

One person fo this helpful. December 30, Sold by: Comic contradiction tends to reproduce itself at several levels of possibility at once, svrvo that is the case here. This is the rather severe, Bergsonian idea of comedy as cleanser.

Confessions are difficult to pull off, because, as Zeno himself says, “A confession in writing is always a lie”, but a novel that takes the form of a confession doesn’t have to be true, it only has to be alluring or intriguing, and Zeno’s voice is both. The novel is presented as a diary written by Zeno who claims that it is full of liespublished by his doctor. Svevo would have loved that.

Yet he always retreats back into his extravagant, consoling fantasies.

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