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AR /OPNAVINST A/MCO Joint Regulation Governing the Use and Application of Uniform Source Maintenance. AR –82/SECNAVINST /AFMAN 21– This regulation contains internal control provisions in accordance with AR 11–2 and identifies key internal . AR JOINT REGULATION GOVERNING THE USE AND APPLICATION OF UNIFORM SOURCE MAINTENANCE AND RECOVERABILITY CODES.

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The function covered by this checklist is the accurate assignment and application of uniform SMR codes.

Explanation of abbreviations and terms Abbreviations and terms used in this publication are explained in the glossary. Field level repairable item. Maintenance kit defined as a kit that provides an item that can be replaced at organizational or intermediate LOMs.

Army Publishing Directorate

Support items Items subordinate to or associated with an end item and required to operate, service, repair, or overhaul an end item for example, spares and repair parts. The evaluator will keep in mind that changing the SMR code maintenance concept affects most users of the item, not just one unit. These codes are assigned to each support item based on the logistic support planned for the end item and its components.

When a maintenance code is not used a dash – sign will be entered. The proponent has the authority to approve exceptions or waivers to this regulation that are consistent with controlling law and regulations. Organic sources should be reviewed when commercial sources cannot meet demand. Repair, condemnation, and disposal not authorized below depot level.


This restores the item to operating condition ready for use.


Reserved for Service option code one position. Appendix D Maintenance Codes D—1. K series source codes, page 9.

Code entered in the sixth position of the uniform format used to convey specific information to the logistic community and to the ad forces.

Recoverable, condemn at depot activity see Reportable Asset Management Process. Item to be assembled at organizational activity.

P series source codes P series source coded items are items that are centrally procured see table C—1. B No repair is authorized.

Appendix E Recoverability Codes E—1. When requested from a contractor, an approving agency for the SMR coding effort will be arr. Recoverability Codes, page Indicates the item is under a progressive maintenance review item will be coded O in the fourth position and D in the fifth position.

Joint Service coding reference chart, page 4 Glossary ii Chapter 1 Introduction 1—1. Item is removed, replaced, or used at designated specialized repair activity. It is applied to an item, which because of probable discontinuance or shutdown of production facilities, would prove uneconomical to reproduce at a later time. SMR codes must be compatible and consist of two, three, or six positions. P series source coded items are items that are centrally procured see table C—1.


Maintenance Codes, page Army—Depot, Mobile Depot, and specialized repair activity organization. Refer to appropriate manuals and directives for specific instructions. If the item is reparable, it also indicates repair as applicable under the progressive maintenance 700-2.

Codes entered in the first and second positions of the uniform format indicating the source for acquiring the item for replacement purposes for arr, procured and stocked, manufactured, or assembled. AG Item to be assembled at both afloat and ashore intermediate maintenance activities.

Authorized maintenance that can restore an item to operating condition ready for use from one or more, but not all of its identified failure modes at one LOM activity, but requires progressively higher LOM 7700-82 until the highest level alone can restore the item to operating condition from any and all identified failure modes.

Item procured and stocked to provide for sustained support for the life of the equipment.