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Annexure ‘H’. DECLARATION OF APPLICANT PARENT OR GUARDIAN. IF PASSPORT IS FOR MINOR. (On Plain Paper). I/We affirm that the particulars given. Annexure H is otherwise known as Prior Intimation Letter which is prepared by the notifying his/her head of the department about the application of passport. Annexure H Affidavit is essential if you are looking to get a passport for a minor. It has to be made by the parents or the guardians of the minor.

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Signed by Attesting Authority. The applicant is not a citizen of India The applicant is likely to engage in activities harmful to the sovereignty and integrity of India. Criminal proceedings against an alleged criminal offense pending before a court in India. Find out why the handsome hunks and beauty queens of Bollywood made changes to their names.

The applicant will need to verify that he has been staying at the same residential address for the previous 1 year. Declaration of the applicant for obtaining a passport in case of lost or damaged existing passport.

The passpott are so relaxed literally anyone could get a passport now. Any court case that may arise due to the issue of a passport to a minor child would be defended by the parent or guardian applying for the passport on behalf of the child.

Clippings of two local newspapers or the Gazette notification of the concerned State Government and at least two public or school documents to ascertain that the applicant has changed their name.

Please select only 5 documents.

Make A Passport Annexure. Signed by Verification Authority. In this part, the Central Government further amended the Passport Rules,with the Passport Amendment Rules, annexures included. Annexure F Is the specimen declaration of the applicant for obtaining a passport in case the applicant has lost or damaged their existing passport. The parents need to hold valid passports the same needs to be mentioned in the declaration. Given below are the steps to create an Annexure-H Affidavit: In other circumstances for a change in name on the passport, the applicant should furnish: Annexure-H is an affidavit that should be made by the parents or guardians of a minor while applying for a passport for the minor.


Home Passport Passport Rules, — Part 2. The NOC issuing officer should attest the photograph of the applicant with a signature and stamp of the Official half on the paper and the other half across the photograph for verification by the Passport Issuing Authority. A woman applying for a change in their name or surname in their existing passport due to remarriage. An applicant that has been convicted by a court in India involving moral turpitude and sentenced to imprisonment for 2 years or more at any point in time 5 years preceding the date of application.

A passport is one of the most important documents an individual possesses that serves the purpose of identity proof, address proof, and the most important purpose of all, it lets you travel out of the country.

The applicant is likely to harm the relationship of India with another Country. Along with the declaration, the applicant must state how and when a First Information Report FIR was lodged at the police station after the passport was lost or damaged. Request for Document Service. The Affidavit has to be signed by the parents or the guardians at the place specified. You can use our pre-drafted form of Annexure H and just enclose it with the passport application of the minor.

Revised Passport Rules That Every Indian Should Know

The applicant will need to also furnish details such as — place and date of birth, passport size photograph, educational qualification, permanent and present address. Declaration made on plain paper of the applicant for the issue of passport.

The Passport Authority can refuse to tahkal a passport on any one of the following grounds: Web site terms of Service. This document format is not supported.


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Fill in all the details in the form for Annexure H given on LegalDesk. The issuing officer should affix his signature on the photograph of the applicant along with the verification certificate. The issue of a passport or travel document to any applicant is against the interest of the Country.

The Specimen Verification Certificate is given by the chairman of Apex business organizations to owners, partners or directors of a business organization. It — eSign Workflow for Businesses Link. Annexure H should me made by the parents or the legal guardian of a minor.

The adoption deed confirms that the applicant adoptive parents adopted the child from their biological parents. New Passport Rules in India from June Web site terms of Service. The following is a tabular representation of the Passport Amendment Rules, Following the report submitted by an inter-ministerial committee comprising of the officials of the Ministry of External Annexure E Annexure E is the declaration of the applicant for the issue of passport on a plain paper.

Print the drafted affidavit on a plain white paper. We have received your request and we will get back to you shortly. A divorce is a After reading the first part in this seriesyou would understand how easy it is to get a passport after the Ministry of External Affairs relaxed and amended several Rules, and based on the recommendations of the Inter-Ministerial Committee amendments were made to the Passport Rules, A warrant for arrest or a summons issued against an applicant by a court of law prohibiting the applicant from leaving departing the country India.