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German Cars Top Latest ADAC Reliability Survey. market, as the result of the ADAC Reliability Survey (Pannenstatistik) are in. European Commission 5th Framework Programme Euro NCAP () Test Accessed on 20 November ADAC () Die ADAC Pannenstatistik Maybe time to rethink “Japanese cars are the most relieable?? de/Auto_Motorr

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Finance Quote for F. By then there are enough cars which are not part of any roadside assistance program anymore. ADAC statistics are meaningless as they are only polling their members.

My parents had mobility guarantees on their french car Citroen C2 since at least I remember reading back then in ams how annoyed the Germans were about Toyota taking the top spot away from the MB diesel year in and year out.

BMW shows up at least 7 psnnenstatistik in the worst pannensstatistik.

2009 yılı ADAC Arıza İstatistikleri (Pannenstatistik)

OK, long-time reader and owner of this CC specimen here, and this post finally gets me to register and comment. Every brand has lemons, some more than others though. Only in 04 and It’s a similar story with the cabin and the design — acceptable, but not outstanding. This is what the ADAC says: What exactly is an economy brand for you?

At least the cost of servicing and repair work wasn’t too bad. I expected more VW in those columns but that may just goes to show how much worse the pannenstaistik brands are.


The dealers also earned a vote of thanks for their courteous staff and quality of service. A lady at work cannot wait for her i lease to end so she can get rid of her pannestatistik gremlins.

ADAC Info – Pannenstatistik

Honda Civic Vehicle owner satisfaction score: You Dirty, Dirty Panther You! Overall, reliability was average for this class. And still buys a Toyota for his next ride. If this is actually the explanation from ADAC, I have to say their study has no credibility whatsoever. What’s more, the Skoda should be cheap to run. I do know that the little Toyota Starlet and its relatives were big over-all winners often.

yılı ADAC Arıza İstatistikleri (Pannenstatistik) » Sayfa 1 – 2

Or you might fill up in the south with winter diesel, and drive km north and still have it freeze. Seems the Delta platform is a vast improvement over what came before it. This is backed up in adac results and the trend is that the less boring and more advanced the japanese car the greater the likely hood of breakdown.

For advertising information click HERE. To do even better in this survey next year, Volkswagen dealers will need to offer better service, and lower running costs wouldn’t go amiss, either.

Auto Bild uses TuV statistics also first hand from inspectionswhich are a far greater sample and interestingly mirror JD Power pannenstatsitik Consumer Reports. Otherwise owners found lots to praise, including the attractive cabin and stylish exterior. We also get a lot of people who put petrol in diesel cars. Martin, here is my comment from your post two years ago: Euro 6C panbenstatistik requires it, and You be the judge. Owners awarded impressive marks for the driving experience.


The Octavia is a very likeable car as well as a reliable one. No Hondas in Germany over those years? Owners gave strong scores for the driving experience, the roomy cabin and the way the car looks. All in all, the Corolla is a strong package with no major weakness. Mercedes-Benz A-Class Vehicle owner satisfaction score: Paul, thanks for taking the time to translate all this for us.

Yes, I noticed all those Alfas and Fiats. Volvo, Saab and Volkswagen seems to be middle of the road, so to speak. Can you provide evidence for this? Complaints about the bodywork and exterior were rare, but the rating for mechanical panennstatistik was only average.

Firstly many people dont stick to the facts and for some or other emotional reason cannot accept what they hear and have to come up with conspiracy theories. But that is one car I bet would be hard to turn up even in fertile CC country. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Drivers gave strong scores for ride and handling, interior practicality and the car’s looks. Owners told JD Power that not much went wrong under the bonnet.