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El Acoso Moral by Marie-France Hirigoyen, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. El Acoso Moral En El Trabajo/ The Moral Harassment At Work: Distinguir Lo Verdadero De Lo Falso/ Distinguishing True From False (Contextos/ Contexts). “El acoso moral”. Marie France Hirigoyen Detail 1. Detail 2. Detail 3. Detail 4. El acoso moral: el maltrato psicol√≥gico en la vida cotidiana.

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Think about the case examples and open your heart to what it might feel like to be in similar situations.

El Acoso Moral : El Maltrato Psicologico en la Vida Cotidiana

L’autrice riporta un brano in cui Otto Kernberg descrive il narcisista: At the same time, the book was very dry in tone, and it was hard for me to stay focused. A true support system in hirigoyenn form of a book. Affronta questo tema guardandol Reecensione pubblicata su: This is just a great book.

My psychology degree and my personal experience with an emotional-abuser-turned-stalker selected this book. Dig deep and ponder its words and meanings.

Stalking the Soul: Emotional Abuse and the Erosion of Identity

This animosity sometimes culminates in a virtual murder of the soul. I didn’t actually read the whole book but skimmed, and read bits and pieces. Refresh and try again. Sophisticated and accessible, it is vital reading for victims and health professionals. Da qui il senso di colpa della vittima, che hirigiyen colpevolizza per non essere abbastanza seducente, abbastanza generosa, abbastanza intelligente, abbastanza tutto.

Your lives go under the microscope and you find yourself getting so frustrated by so much psycho-babble and stereotyped assumptions!


Emotional abuse always accompanies other types of abuse. Hirigoyen’s STS is poignantly present and about face to this fact. May 02, Karen rated it did not like it. I read many books about emotional abuse after going through a nearly life-shattering ordeal and this was the only one that really resonated with me.

Non ho alcun dubbio, dicevo, che quanto racconta ed espone Hirigoyen sia vero: The information found in the book focuses on the issue of emotional abuse, the more easily hidden form of control. Affronta questo tema guardandolo da un triplice punto di vista: Mar 25, Angie rated it liked it. Perhaps the best advice is the simple advice, “get out! Jan 02, Sammi rated it morl was amazing. Quotes from Stalking the Soul Otros se enriquecen gracias a una delincuencia astuta hecha de abusos de bienes sociales, de estafas o de fraudes fiscales.

Los volvemos a encontrar en todos los grupos en donde los individuos pueden establecer rivalidades, especialmente en las escuelas y en las universidades. Moeal 26, Leonard rated it it was amazing. A very validating and consciously awakening book for any who have been or are in emotionally abusive relationships. Easy to read with great insights.

Ma forse dal libro di Hirigoyen si sta pretendendo troppo: Upon seeing this perhaps they will find the courag Stalking the Soul is an interesting, fairly quick read.

Yet, there is also no denying that there are certainly abusive families, parents and relationships that will always be, unfortunately, a part of our society that will take a continous effort to help treat and prevent cycles of behaviors that negatively impact human life.

Hirigkyen to Book Page. The author was so pompous.

For these individuals the book would easily get four stars. Un libro molto “tecnico” da digerire a poco a poco.


“El acoso moral”. Marie France Hirigoyen by on Prezi

I think the author had some interesting and helpful information in the book. What a sad story to watch someone disintegrate and allow themselves to be controlled by someone else. Upon seeing this perhaps they will find the courage to make a change. Life is full of extremes, especially when it comes to the use of power.

This book addresses the situations of abuse where manipulation isn’t easy to identify.

Time for some light reading now! Sorvegliare e punire, appunto.

Stalking the Soul: Emotional Abuse and the Erosion of Identity by Marie-France Hirigoyen

Absolutely aciso for anyone who has opened their eyes to an unfortunate relationship dynamic. I can see defense mechanisms that we can all learn and practice daily to help us overcome the self-destructive behaviors that have lead us into previous abusive relationships.

Manipolare con cura Non ho alcun dubbio che quanto racconta ed espone Hirigoyen sia vero, e che determinate forme di violenza estremamente sottili, quasi invisibili, ma assolutamente devastanti siano diffuse in gran parte del corpo sociale, anche e soprattutto in quelle relazioni che, a uno sguardo superficiale, possono apparire normali e del tutto abitudinarie, come la vita di coppia, la vita in famiglia e la vita lavorativa.

Emotional abuse exists all around us hirigoyyen in families and work.

I would recommend the book to anyone who is “wondering if”.