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Then the marine wind of the Callao neighborhood would come and leave rotten skulls at ground level. If you want, look at this picture.

Just recently, the neighborhood gang that shoots pool planned to rob a motorcycle. Angel Face takes the dice, spits on them and moves them as if worshiping a mysterious bloody deity.

Angel Face by Oswaldo Reynoso

He shouts and bullies, and if the old man disapproves, osaaldo reminds him of his business, his singing: The only bad thing is that the old lady finds out about everything. Reynosp, scared, thinks of Alicia when she dances; Prince, too, thinks and remembers Dora and Alicia.

To see what your oswakdo thought of this book, please sign up. Unexpectedly, Angel Face takes his arm and twists it behind his back; he frees his neck and uses the chance to get on top of his rival. Adri rated it it was ok Sep 02, They call out to you. Shouts Blush Angel Face is lying on the ground, sideways; He wants to cry.

But I like you more like that: Angel Face sees a naked woman grabbing her breasts.


Open Preview See a Problem? You could only hear the sound of cars and trams in the distance, occasionally, whistles; close; the agitated breathing of the boys. He likes the smell of my body, Angel Face thinks.

Refresh and try again. Corsair looks at inocentse ecstatic face. Blush becomes incensed and stands up throwing his enemy to the ground. Now, Angel Face is belly down and Blush is riding him, twisting his neck. It would have been formidable that last night: In these shop windows, there are clocks, chocolates, bracelets, American pants, shirts, shoes, swimsuits.

Angel Face has been lying on the ground, hiding his feet. The only one who does whatever he wants is Blush. All of a sudden, something breaks, falls apart, in its interior and he feels bad for him, for his friends, for his mother. Finally, they dominate him and take his shoes off, then socks and the three pounds appear, wet and stinky. He lowered his head, kicked the air.

He reaches Plaza San Martin. With a devilish smirk, he said: Blush, alone, distant, hands in pockets, shirtless, his back full of grass and sweat, while breathing heavily, stares elated at Angel Face. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The boys laugh and bully him.


You gamble all the money I give you. Today she smacked me again.

El Ășltimo inocente: Oswaldo Reynoso. Por Cherman. | Arte digital | Pinterest | Digital

Who gave it to you? They offer you heaven and earth. His looked frightened me. The sky, heavy and hot, stifles. The Chinaman, as if hypnotized, keeps looking at him.

Los inocentes

The gang was hanging out at the corner. Santiago Cembrano rated it it was ok Oct 19, He knows that Blush wants to mess with him. So Blush not only oswaaldo, but he even osaldo openly with a faggot. Return to Book Page.

There is a smell of gasoline in the stuffy air. Alexander Kohn rated it it was ok Oct 08, Kassandra rated it it was ok Dec 14, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I wanted to shake his hand and tell him: If you had money