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Cosmetics & Toiletries Bench Reference | LIPACIDE C8G. Recommended Use of the Chemical and Restrictions on Use. Cosmetic applications. Supplier: Ixom Operations Pty Ltd (Bronson & Jacobs. Lipacide C8G. Lipoaminoacid glycine biovector, one of the major constituents of dermal structural proteins. It contains purifying properties, regulates sebum.

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Stable solutions of carboxylic acids and carboxylic salts in aqueous alkanediols and use thereof.

Capryloyl Glycine Import Data from France –

These shelf lives typically include two critical dates: Global Regulatory Lists Reviewed. These and other advantages and features of the present invention will become more fully apparent from the following description and appended claims, or may be by the practice of the invention as set forth hereinafter.

Like its relatives in the cabbage family, wasabi owes its pungency to isothiocyanates. Premium Body Care Unacceptable Ingredients. The personal care products can be in the form of emulsions, gels, serums, solutions, and other vehicles suitable for use with personal care products, such as toners, lotions, creams, and the like.

There is therefore a constant need to develop effective methods to deter microbial growth and thereby extend product shelf lives. All changes that come within the meaning and range of equivalency of the claims are to be embraced within their scope.

Obviously, the longer a product’s shelf life the greater its value, both to a manufacturer concerned about product quality and maintaining inventories and to a consumer concerned about how quickly a product must be consumed. As a result, personal care products have defined shelf lives to ensure a product’s quality. The composition of claim 1wherein the wasabia japonica comprises wasabia japonica root extract.

Gels and serums are similar vehicles, the main difference being that gels tend to have a high viscosity whereas serums have a low viscosity. Cucumis melo protein extract with antioxidant activity and process for preparing it, cosmetic composition or food composition containing such an extract.


For example, a product may have a two year expiration date after a product is opened by a consumer, subject to an absolute shelf life of three years. Biovectorized Glycine Sulfates out!

Accordingly, in one personal care product preservation system according to the invention, a personal care product is blended with a preservative composition comprising wasabi and pentylene glycol. In the case of low water content formulations, which generally has a lower susceptibility to microbial growth or where wasabi may be used to boost the effect of other preservatives or co-preservatives, a lower range of wasabi is also effective, preferably from about 0.

LIPACIDEā„¢ C8G by SEPPIC – Personal Care & Cosmetics

Register now to apply for regular copies of Personal Care Magazine and free access to premium content, as well as our regular newsletters. Typically, artificial preservatives are used to extend product shelf lives.

Each of the above formulations satisfied the respective challenge test. Other suitable natural co-preservatives, including variations and derivatives of the foregoing, may also be used and are compatible with the present invention. Formulations are offered solely for consideration by the participating manufacturers. The wasabi plant grows about knee high, is semi aquatic, and produces a thickened stem in a similar fashion to a small brussel sprout.

Antiseptic bactericides and cosmetics, drugs and foods containing the antiseptic bactericides. How quickly the microbes grow and render the product unsuitable for use is a function of various factors, including the lipaide of individual products to microbial growth, the presence or absence of preservatives, and the storage condition of the personal care product after the microbial contamination first occurs.

It allows formulation of colourless products. The effectiveness of the above formulations was challenge tested according to USP 24 guidelines. Glycine, C88g 1-oxooctyl – C8y information presented here was acquired by Ilpacide from the producer of the product or material or original information provider.

The concentrations are in weight percent. The composition of claim 1wherein the composition of matter has a pH in a range from about 5 to about 6. Microemulsions of lipidated glycines and phenoxy ethanol for preservation of personal care products.


A composition of matter comprising: We market and sell our We’ve been approved by approved business. Oat Cosmetics is the leading supplier of natural and organic llpacide derived ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industry. When high wasabi concentrations are required to preserve a product, skin irritation with clinical manifestations, e.

As will be realized, the invention is capable of other and different embodiments, and its several lipacire are capable of modifications in various obvious respects, all without departing from the invention. The described embodiments are to be considered in all respects only as illustrative and not restrictive. The isothiocyanate compounds may be manufactured synthetically or isolated from natural plant matter. What is claimed is: It is well suited for formulation of products that require perfect tolerance make-up removers, products for babies or sensitive skin, etc.

Products comprising an isothiocyanate preservative system and methods of their use.

The optional co-preservative, for example pentylene glycol or a mixture of undecylenoyl glycine and capryloyl glycine, helps preserve the personal care product and ensure that only safe levels of wasabi need to be used. There is therefore also a need for products that preclude microbial growth without the use of artificial preservatives.

Additional advantages of the present invention will become readily apparent to those skilled in the art from the following detailed description, wherein currently preferred embodiments of the invention are shown and described in the disclosure.

Micellar Waters

Who protects hair and skin from the effects of urban living? Accordingly, the description is to be regarded as illustrative in nature, and not as restrictive.

The composition of claim 20wherein the vehicle comprises an oil-in-water emulsion or a water-in-oil emulsion.

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