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Księgarnia : International Economics: Theory and Policy, Global Edition Autor: Paul Krugman, Maurice Obstfeld, Marc Ekonomia międzynarodowa. Obligatory 1. J. Rymarczyk, Międzynarodowe stosunki gospodarcze, PWE, Warszawa 2. n, ld, Ekonomia międzynarodowa. Teoria i. 10 Comp. P.U. Krugman, M. Obstfeld, Międzynarodowe stosunki gospodarcze, op. cit., vol. 1, pp. ; D. Begg, S. Fischer, R. Dombusch, Ekonomia.

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Exchange Rates and the Foreign Exchange Market: The analysis uses, first of all, the index introduced by Grubel and Lloyd hereinafter referred to as GL indexwhich is a commonly used indicator of intra-industry trade intensity and one of the measures of international competitiveness.

Faculty of Economics and Sociology. International economic relation as an academic discipline.

International Economic Relations – University of Łódź

Exchange-rate shifts and their impact on international trade. The Instruments of Trade Policy Twoja recenzja zostanie opublikowana po weryfikacji przez Czytam. Theory and Policy, Global Edition.


Output and the Exchange Rate in the Short Run The Standard Trade Model 7. A predominant part of this exchange was horizontal intra-industry trade, including trade in goods differentiated in respect to a given industry that were relatively highly processed and showed a high level of substitutability between each other.

The problem of price stability in international trade. Opportunity and Crisis A review of monetary systems based on fixed exchange rates gold standard and Bretton Woods.

An Historical Overview An Asset Approach Robin Biografia Robina Williamsa. This course is not currently conducted! Alternative types of exchange-rate systems.

Terms of trade and international redistribution of incomes. Oeconomia Copernicana4 2 At the same time, the intensity level of intra-industry trade in these products increased considerably. Quick jump to page content.

Actors of the world economy. For both international trade and international finance, an intuitive introduction to theory is followed by detailed coverage of policy applications.

Krugman Obstfeld

Dumping and its consequences, antidumping policy. Teoria i praktyka, SGH, Warszawa.


Monetary aspects of international economic relations. Dodaj do Schowka Nie masz jeszcze konta?

Krugman Obstfeld |

Moreover, as regards the food sector a quite significant part was played by vertical intra-industry trade, including re-export, i. Optimum Currency Areas and the Euro Concept and scope of international economic relations. Macroeconomic implications of direct investments outflows and inflows. The Ricardian Model 4. Money, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rates This program provides a better teaching and learning experience-for you and your students.