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AFDD demanda revisión de listado de informe Valech II ante inclusión de Luz Arce y Miguel Estay Reyno. por El Mostrador. 29 agosto, AFDD demanda. 18/08/ | pm de Audiencias del Palacio de La Moneda- la segunda versión del informe de la Comisión Valech sobre Prisión Política y Tortura. (8) Comisión Nacional Sobre Prisión Política y Tortura () Síntesis Informe, at page 7. (All quotations from the Comisión Report are.

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Valech Report – Wikipedia

To view the extent of the lists of torture victims is overwhelming. Four women were pregnant at the time of their arrest and were tortured; their children were considered “direct victims”. Fear and mistrust are still present in their lives.

At the start of the new century, human rights perpetrators have held less sway ibforme Chilean politics and law. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For example, Rodolfo Stange and Fernando Cordero, high-ranking police officials, argued that they had no reason to argue for forgiveness.

Valech Report

Out of the more than 8, rejected cases, 7, people requested that their cases be revised. The report was published on November 29, and detailed the results of a six-month investigation.

Those who suffered torture are the only ones who are exposed in this official truth-finding. Valsch life expectancy is only sixty to sixty-five years. Another group of people were minors at the time of their arrest.


According to the associations of ex-political prisoners, the commission used a different definition of torture than the one accepted by the United Nations. Simultaneously, other cases have developed and these have resulted in the conviction of many significant dictatorship figures. Knforme Mayseventy-six agents had been condemned for human rights violations and sixty-seven were convicted: Detention must not have taken place in any country other than Chile. Mai der Internationale Tag der Pressefreiheit gefeiert.

Following his release, a sequence of events has developed in the human rights arena. As detailed above, a protective position for perpetrators and violating institutions has been set up.

It reviewed about 32, new requests from February iinforme August With a recent Supreme Court decision to only allow judges six months to conclude human rights investigations and governmental announcements of a law to expedite human rights trials, opportunities for justice are being drastically curtailed.

Retrieved from ” https: Her e-mail address is monitos compadres.

The truth of torture is also vqlech by the fact that lists detail the tortured but do not identify torturers. This has ensured that the 211 of power has been maintained in Chile; there has been no loss of prestige or status for perpetrators or violating institutions, and some individuals remain in powerful positions The idea that a proposed National Human Rights Foundation might be funded by victims of torture, without asking perpetrating individuals and institutions to contribute to it, seems quite inappropriate.


Using UN’s definition of torture, would have meant there were aboutvictims of torture, but there is no inofrme source on how this estimate was made. The commission also agreed to investigate a further cases which were not considered the first time around. These are detailed in Law 19, and include: Reparations are not, however, confined to financial payment.

Informe de la Comisión Nacional sobre Prisión Política y Tortura (Valech I)

This group has consistently exposed the lack of justice and accountability for human rights violations in Chile. The worst period of torture occurred immediately after the coup, as more than 18, September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The updated report added 1, inforrme cases, bringing the total number of victims to 28, In response to these omissions, a counter-report has been established, by a group of ex-political prisoners in Santiago, to identify and castigate torturers as well as those who actively supported torture 9. Finally, despite the vast number of individuals who have come forward to give their testimony, we must also be mindful that there are many others infogme did not.

Most of the young adults belonged to political parties and acknowledged that they had also been trade union members.