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Full text of “Hindu Predictive Astrology BV Raman” . According to Suryasiddhanta, Saturn is the 6 Hindu Predictive Astrology most distant planet from the earth. Hindu Predictive Astrology has 42 ratings and 1 review: Published May 1st by South Asia Books, pages, Paperback. Please Note: This title is being reprinted at present and is currently not available to order. You can browse similar titles or contact us for a personalised.

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Malefics in beneficial Uindu aspected by benefics posited in auspicious navamsas overcome Balarishta. Counting from Aswini upto Aslesha we get 8 constellations. The prediction must be given 4hat the querist will get married early, the bride will be fair and her introduction would be through a pious and religious man as Jupiter.

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If the lords of the 8th, the 1st and the 10th combine with Saturn and occupy quadrants, life will be long. If Mercury is not well situated and occupies an unfavour- abie position, death takes place from sudden heart failure. The effect of an aspect is felt even if the planets are not exactly in the mutual distances mentioned above.

Mars and Ketu in the 9th with Jupiter in the 2nd, and Mercury, the Sun and Venus in the Sth, the 6th and the 7th respectively, make the man very rich.

On the first day of Aries the first degree of that particular sign rises in the eastern horizon at sunrise and the remaining signs gradually ascend till the next day at sunrise when the sunrise takes place in the second degree of Aries. The second house extends from 28 degrees Capricorn and so on. Raman was born on August 8, If Saturn is in the 5th, or aspects the lord of birth or Jupiter, there will be brain derangement.


Hindu Predictive Astrology

Kln,l, Maklra Balance or D. Those ip the remaining signs become temporary enemies. Robini— Aldebaran, 5 stars resembling a chariot. If benefics occupy the 12th or its lord joins with them, the person will have close relations surrounding him at his death. Each pada is equal to a navamsa. If the 10th is occupied by Mercury, the native will be a professor in religious philosophy, mathematical sciences, and earns his livelihood as such.

Goodreads helps ramna keep track of books you astdology to read.

IUln’dso me, irr itable, relined, subtle, intuiti ve. When Jupiter is powerful, well aspected and occupies a Vargottama occupying the same sign in Rasi and Navamsathe astrologh becomes a great lecturer and orator. If the 7th falls in an evil sign, if tbe lord of the 7th J OIOS debifjtation, two marriages may be indicated.

Mars strongly posited in the 2nd with Mercury and the Moon or rpedictive Moon, Mars and Mercury in a quadrant makes a person a great mathematician. Gocharaphala or Results of Transits Astrolgy shall now briefly sketch some favourable yogas and their probable results. All the planets aspect tbe -3rd and 10th houses from their loca tio n with a quarter sight; the 5th and 9tb houses with half a sight: If the lord of the 2nd is in quadrants aspected by malefics, the person will look ugly and grotesque.

Thus the Lagna or the Ascendant is that astroloyy point of the ecliptic considered with reference to the particular horizon. Aries governs the face.

Peedya or Residence in the last quarter of a sign.

If the decanate belongs to the Sun or Mars, the deceased belongs to [iri ‘o 1 Source and Nature o r Deatb ‘” Loka world of lower animals. The reader need not worry with these controversial points. To gip, an expmel. Jupiuil sub-R,criod-2 years, 6 mODths, 11 days. Write a Testimonial Few good words, go a long way, thanks!


They are modest, libera] and gentlemanly in business transactions. Mercury and Saturn produce good.

Hindu Predictive Astrology (Bangalore Venkata B.V. Raman) PDF SCAN.pdf

The solar date or birth is readily found out in the almanac. Kepler, Bacon, Pythogoras and Demo- crates were masters in hinvu. Western Countries Find out the date of birth in the almanac in the particular year and write on a sheet of paper all the details given for that astfology. No trivia or quizzes yet.

If the powerless lord of the 12th occupies unfavourable positions in the navamsa, the native will have deformed limbs. Mars is the Rajayogakaraka conferor of name and fame.

They are possessed of sympathy, generosity and philanthropy and take great interest in literature, science and education. If the lord of the 8th joins the 12th with a astro,ogy, there will be short life. Acquisition of wealth from maternal relatives, new clOthes and ornaments, settlement ‘ of disputes, pleasure through children o r lover, increase of wealth, accomplishment of desires, intellectual achievements, new education, honour from rulers.

Women will be handsome and youngish in appearance. Jupiter will be in the third cycle at the time of query. Virgo Uttara 3 0 Lords o f tbe ascendaot.