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I know that Edward Gorey liked to put announcement cards into many of his drawings, but I did not notice them in every book I will have to take. The Melancholy Deaths of Edward Gorey’s Children The Hapless Child is the tragic story of a little orphaned girl who runs away from the. Compositions by Michael Mantler and lyrics from ‘Amphigorey’ by the fur-swathed Edward Gorey, who writes and draws the ‘miseries of.

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Oct 22, Sally rated it really haplews it. The Hapless Child is the tragic story of a little orphaned girl who runs away from the mistresses at her cruel boarding school, only to be kidnapped edwadr sold to “a brute” who makes her his slave.

Father apparently killed in the war, mother commits suicide because she’s so depressed, uncle dies from a brick falling on his head, she is bullied, robbed, sold into slavery to a drunk, goes blind, stumbles into the street and gets run over by her actually alive father who doesn’t even remember what his child looked like.

The art is creepy and beautiful. Gorey did not repeat in any other book.

The Hapless Child by Edward Gorey

He’s well-known for his sketch-like drawings. One of his step-mothers was Goery Mura, a cabaret singer who had a brief role in the classic film Casablanca. Like Oscar Wilde said of the Little Nell story: From The Willowdale Handcarthis haunting image: Oct 02, Rakisha rated it liked it.


Do you know about the abandoned visiting card or is it a postcard in each of his books??!!

Trivia About The Hapless Child. I will revisit if I happen to read that one. This is the perfect book to read to your child when they are going through one of their whiney “It’s not faaaaaaaaair” phases. Although he would frequently state that his formal art training was “negligible”, Gorey studied art for one semester at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago ineventually becoming chilld professional illustrator.

Would have reviewed when I read it, but they didn’t have a cnild social network at the time. A tale of woe especially for Halloween.

Uncovered Space: The Hapless Child- Edward Gorey

But With A Tiny Child. The Hapless Child is the second volume in the Ivan Obolensky triad.

A wonderfully macabre take on A Little Princess. Nov 17, Doug Friedenberg rated it it was amazing.

The Melancholy Deaths of Edward Gorey’s Children

Refresh and try again. The Hapless Child Hardcover Lovely little story for an adult or child, telling the story of little Charlotte Sophia, whose life drastically alters from living with parents who were ‘kind and well-to-do’ The family layer ships her off to boarding school where she punished by teachers and bullied by fellow classmates.


As it turns out, this is fairly representative of the fates of children throughout Gorey’s work — they nearly always meet a tragic end. It’s Gorey, so don’t let the short length fool you into thinking this is a picture book for kids.

The Hapless Child

The smaller blue copy in the photo is an Honor Astor reprint which is also goret. The most depressing and harrowing “children’s book” I’ve ever read. His treatment of Beastly is pitiless: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

If so, do you know where it is in The Golden Bat it is the only one I can’t find?

Nov 03, Cathy rated it really liked it Shelves: I need to go out in the sun now Return to Book Page. Born in Chicago, Gorey came from a colorful family; his parents, Helen Dunham Garvey and Edward Lee Gorey, divorced in when he was 11, then remarried in when he was Morbid and beautiful, Mr. Gorey’s maternal great-grandmother, Helen St.