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Posts about Gerina Dunwich written by ladyoftheabyss. Wicca Love Spells has 39 ratings and 2 reviews. Covering nearly every aspect of Love Magick–from spells and potions to mythology, astrology, superstitio. Gerina Dunwich. 75 likes. Welcome to the official Facebook page of occult author , Gerina Dunwich.

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Crystal Sego rated it really liked it Dec 17, I can remember going through a very xunwich curiosity phase about religion when I was around 8 or 9, probably because I had some friends at school who went to church, so my parents enrolled me in Sunday School. If you had to suggest to our readers one of your books as an introduction to the kinds of books that you write, which one would it be and why? Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Compared to many other Wiccan traditions, it is probably more magick-oriented than religious, but I guess that merely reflects the way I am as a Pagan.

Add honey to sweeten. Do you feel that we have gained any ground over the last few years in dispelling many of the myths that circulate about the Wiccan faith?

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Available for download now. But if even one-half of them gains an understanding of Wicca from reading one of my books and, in turn, educates their friends, families, neighbors, or co-workers about the beliefs and practices of modern Witches, this is a tremendous step towards enlightening the general public and helping to foster religious tolerance. I don’t write in the “fluffy bunny style” or about stuff that I personally find boring because chances are if it puts me to sleep writing it, it is going to put my readers to sleep reading it.

Not a bad way to look at things, really. As to why the number three — well, why not? Genaphur rated it liked it Apr 13, Only 3 left in stock – order soon. Recipe by Gerina Dunwich.

The Wiccan/Pagan Times Interviews Gerina Dunwich

I wrote under a different pen name back then. It draws on the ancient Egyptian Bast cat-goddess religion, and incorporates elements of European folk magick and felidomancy gdrina divination. Not an ordinary cookbook, but one filled with recipes for Witches and other magickal folks.


Only 1 left in stock – order soon.

Gerina Dunwich

Another school of thought interprets the Law of Three in a cosmic sense — what you do in this lifetime will be revisited upon you three times more intently in your NEXT life. Wicca Love Spells by Gerina Dunwich.

However, this is one of the most highly contested theories in modern Paganism.

Learn more at Author Central. The path that has led me to where I am presently at has been a very “long and winding road” filled with many trials and errors, experimentations, transformations, strange encounters, unusual experiences, good times, and bad times Leave the cover off and let the aroma fill your bedroom. Please try your request again later.

It keeps people who have just discovered Wicca from thinking they have Magical Super Powers. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. A very ancient spell for causing physical weakness in someone who has wronged you is to take a new knife and cut a lemon into quarters. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Did it come naturally to you or did it take work on your part?

Becoming a Wiccan or a Witch does not happen overnight, and being one requires dedication. Other people may feel a need to study and learn as much about Wicca as possible before coming to a decision.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Stir the potpourri well and store in a tightly covered ceramic or glass container. It is a way of life and should not be treated as a passing fad or a “disposable religion” until the next one comes along to takes it place. Wicca A To Z: This is a rather difficult one for me to answer since I’ve written so many books that cover different aspects of the Craft.

According to Wiccan author Gerina Dunwich, if you look at the Law of Three from a scientific perspective it is not a law at all, because it is inconsistent with the laws of physics. It has to happen naturally. Expecting a rejection slip on my first try, I was shocked but ecstatic when I received a letter back from Citadel informing me that they were interested in publishing the book.


Realistically, I do not foresee Wicca becoming a mainstream organized religion in my lifetime which is not my goal anywaybut I think as society becomes more educated about our beliefs and practices, there dunwicy be more people coming out into the open and proudly proclaiming themselves to be a Wiccan or Pagan.

She is also involved in paranormal research and is the founder of the Paranormal Animal Research Groupwhich investigates cases of alleged hauntings by animal spirits. The Wicca Book of Days.

The Wicca Source Book: Gerina Dunwich is duwich American author, best known for her books on witchcraft and the occult. Melissa rated it liked it Sep 14, Has this been a problem gwrina your own experience? Readers learn how to attract a spouse, win platonic love, transform a once-dull partner into a “sex machine”, and more.

I was greatly influenced at a young age by the works of such authors as Sybil Leek, Paul Huson, and Raymond Buckland, but in my heart I had always felt a connection to Pagan ways and the Old Religion long before ever reading about it. No one likes the idea of Pagans and Wiccans running around flinging curses and hexes willy-nilly, so the Law of Three ggerina actually quite effective in making people stop and think before they act.

Began using “Gerina Dunwich” in the mids. For herb lore and herbalism I would definitely suggest “The Wicca Garden”. Mix the rose oil with the geriha moss, and then add the remaining ingredients.