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Forequarter amputation (FQA) is a surgical treatment of tumors in the upper extremity and shoulder girdle that infiltrate the neurovascular. Forequarter or inter scapulothoracic amputation is an uncommonly performed operation for malignant tumours involving the proximal end of humerus and the. Forequarter amputation combined with chest wall resection is a rarely performed procedure. Six patients were treated for advanced malignancies with this.

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A custom humeral prosthesis 6 or an inter positional metallic device 7 may be implanted for reconstruction. J Plast Reconstr Aest Surg. Upper limb salvage using a free radial forearm flap. April 10, ; Published Date: Can J Plast Surg.

In all Journals J Bone Joint Surg [Br] ; Forequarter amputations carry high complication rates including high local and distant recurrence, limb pain and wound complications often due to poor tissue quality, which can result from local radiation treatments. A classic case report of forequarter amputation, with emphasis on indications and surgical techniques, is presented. But such salvage procedures can only be undertaken in well-confined and early lesions 2,3,6.

The upper limit was the midpoint of the arm, 10 cm from the lower limit of the tumor.

The Article Processing Charge was paid for forequaarter the authors. Currently, the most frequent indications are the presence of malignant tumours of the arm, axilla, shoulder and scapula 2.

Following the ajputation operative debridement, vacuum assisted closure was utilized. Retrieved from ” https: Forequarher she refused surgery. Click for more information about this text. Sufficient sensate skin with adequate subcutaneous tissue for padding and normal vascularity is seldom a problem at this level, save in the traumatic amputee.


Interscapulothoracic amputation for sarcomas of the upper extremity. Surgical Technique The patient was placed in a left lateral decubitus position to expose the thorax, with the upper extremity freely able to rotate. Then come onto chest wall immed anterior and divide Pec maj origin from remaining clav.

Forearm free skin flap transplantation. The surgical technique for the present case of forequarter amputation was originally described by Berger in 1.

A year-old man was referred for a large, indurated and painful left upper extremity mass that had been increasing in size for five months Figure 1.

It is imperative that any amputation be performed not as an end-stage surgical procedure but as a reconstructive undertaking that is viewed as the first step in the patient’s rehabilitation. Amputations through the glenohumeral and scapulotho-racic articulations forequarteer uncommon. The tumour was 30 cm in diameter. Find articles by Absalon Espinoza. Treatment of painful neuromas.

Early and immediate post-surgical prosthetic fitting. In this case, the patient referred intense pain with amputaiton response to opioid analgesics.

Forequarter Amputation for Tumours of the Upper Extremity

Electrically powered prostheses for the adult with an upper limb amputation. Limb-sparing surgery, preceded and followed by effective chemotherapy with or without radiation therapy, has replaced the radical surgical approach for treating limb sarcomas in most cases 5.

The neurovascular bundle consisting of the axillary arteryaxillary vein and brachial plexus is ligated and cut. For large tumours Tickhoff-Linberg procedure 1,5 or one of its modifications is being practiced provided the tumour does not extend to and involve the neurovascular bundle, the chest wall and the.

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J A,putation ; This procedure was originally described in the early 19th century to manage severe, traumatic injuries of the upper extremity 34. Forequarter amputation for fodequarter tissue tumors. Elbow forequarterr shoulder articulations were immobile. Ampuutation present the case of a patient with recurrent upper extremity sarcoma and squamous cell carcinoma in a previously irradiated tissue bed who underwent a forequarter amputation with flap reconstruction after undergoing pre-operative embolization.

Much of the material in this text has been updated and published in Atlas of Amputations and Limb Deficiencies: A seven-year experiencewith limbsslvage.

Forequarter amputation

Divide pec minor insertion and very imp divide origin and get deep to serrates anterior. Published online Nov The tumour by thattime had extended to the chest wall. The age and health of patient allows for a major surgical procedure, but not a series of reconstructive procedures.

Soft tissue dissection was at the fascial level over the pectoralis major. Discussion Forequarter amputation is a mutilating procedure which imparts a grave psychogenic trauma to the patient. Although forequarter amputations are performed for curative management [ 1517 ], this type of procedure has typically been described in the context of palliative surgery with a post-operative survival of less than 2 years [ 151819 ].

We present a year-old woman with a previous history of simple mastectomy 8 years back secondary to a phyllodes tumor in her right breast. Pharmaceutical Sciences Journals Ann Jose ankara escort.