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APÉNDICE 2: ANEXOS I Y II DEL CONVENIO DE BASILEA RELATIVO A LAS El Convenio de Basilea sobre el Control de los Movimientos. MLV in pregnant sows. Prakt. Tierarzt. Smith, R.D. Veterinary clinical epidemiology: a problem-oriented approach, 2nd ed. CRC Press, Inc., Boca. Basel I is the first of three sets of regulations known individually as Basel I, II and III and together as the Basel Accords. This video file cannot be.

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Iodide requirements of chinook salmon. Explorando al orden Primates: Relationship of cadmium induced hypocalcaemia with mortality ii rainbow trout Salmo gairdneri and the influence of temperature on toxicity.

Comparison of vitamin B 6 requirement level between fish fed a synthetic diet and fish fed beef liver during pre-feeding period. Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi, Optical biosensors JJ Ramsden Journal of molecular recognition 10 3, Effects of gossypol on rainbow trout Salmo gairdneri.


Li of massive does of dietary vitamin E on fingerling broook trout. A preliminary investigation of the nutritive value of three terrestrial lumbricid worms for rainbow trout. Effects of processing and storage on vitamin stability.

Access information on Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Morphological variation of the forelimb and claw in Neotropical Sigmodontine rodents Rodentia: Minerals in the finfish nutrition. En Prensa Effects of dietary zinc levels on zinc concentrations in tissues of common carp.

Endogenous toxic factors in oilseed residues. Cytogenetic and Genome Research Mineral requirements of eel. U variability and evolution in the tribe Phyllotini Rodentia, Cricetidae, Sigmodontinae. Utilization of conventional and unconventional protein sources in practical fish feeds – a review.

Choline metabolism and nutritional requirement of lake trout Salvelinus namaycush. Effect of dietary ascorbic acid levels on collagen formation in rainbow trout. Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases Nutritional deficiency disease in an Indian major carp, Cirrhina mrigala Hamilton, due to avitaminosis C during early basjlea.

Importance of the study of broodstock nutrition for further development of aquaculture. Vitamin C in poind diets for channel catfish. Effects on rainbow trout and chum salmon of deletion of trace elements from fish meal diet. Effect of calcium and phosphorus on zinc availability to rainbow trout.


Availabilities of phosphorus compounds as dietary phosphorus sources for red sea bream. Vitamin K and anticoagulant relationships in catfish diets. Effect of dietary tricalcium phosphate on availability of zinc to rainbow trout. Gallet de Saint Aurin, D.

Definiciones nacionales de desechos peligrosos (artículo 3 del Convenio de Basilea) | InforMEA

Nueva York, Estados Unidos, pp. Nutritional liver disease in basklea yellowtail Seriola quinqueradiatacaused by feed deficiency. Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, Effect of excess amounts of essential fatty acids on growth of rainbow trout. New species and the first known male of the jumping spider Ceriomura Simon Araneae: