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This presentation provides an overview of AVEVA’s Enterprise Resource Management system, ERM. AVEVA ERM effectively and efficiently. The AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) solution suite offers EPCs and shipbuilders an advanced project management and execution process. The AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management™ product family combines proven capabilities for the Plant and Marine industries into the definitive, integrated.

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Shipyard IT departments struggle to integrate common information and ensure the consistent transfer of material and planning information between these two applications.

We are making it easier to experience Citrix solutions. Configurable to manage multiple er, disciplines and meet corporate and client standards, it includes a tool to create and manage piping specifications to fully align 3D design with materials management.

However, they are often implemented as stand-alone vertical applications, primarily designed to serve their respective departments of engineering and project management. In both industries, customers will benefit from globally accessible multi-project capability with effective single-project control Availability For more information, click here.

Your download will begin in a moment. For more information, click here. Thanks to the integration of the most critical shipbuilding IT tools, all data is entered only once, and continuously developed throughout the ship design and production process. Explore other solutions Explore Your Industry.

Your download will begin in a moment. You should receive the requested information within a week. The Enterprise Resource Management Solution improves efficiency in resource planning and construction but, even more importantly, impacts project quality overall, with better data and increased visibility for all stakeholders to make handovers more efficient.

AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management™ 10.3

AVEVA Planning A project planning and control tool, enabling the management and control of work breakdown structures and tasks. Storage ControllersStorage Solutions. AVEVA Production A production planning and control tool, enabling the detailed management, scheduling and control of work orders and jobs in detail. Business Benefits Lower material costs Lower production costs Shorter timescales Increased project quality Features A modular solution – easy to deploy, extend and maintain Avrva, intuitive graphical user interface Integrated information – from other modules, other AVEVA applications, and other systems Information accessibility – group, sort, filter and view information for the task in hand Highly user configurable For more information, click here.


If it doesn’t, restart the download. This unique feature ensures the best possible coordination between planning, material management and all other shipbuilding processes, and enables a progressive deployment to suit business needs and opportunities, with measurable benefits achievable at every stage. Exploit the latest technology innovations in mobile computing, cloud Computing and laser scanning to enable Lean methods in plant project execution.

Lower your material costs by purchasing the right materials at the right price to minimise stockholding, waste and surpluses. Information Management Unified and connected data — in an instant. Its stand-alone products enable progressive deployment, with measurable ROI at every step and maximum business benefit when fully integrated. Integrated Shipbuilding is the only integrated platform for planning, engineering, design, procurement, fabrication and production.

A common information model and Bill of Materials concept allows for cross-departmental transparency and provides the enterprise with the basis for developing optimised workflows and automation. They can enable efficient planning and execution through every stage of a marine or plant project drm optimum management of multiple projects to create significant competitive advantage.

Efficient planning and execution of all resources at every stage of building a complex, intensive asset. A revolution in shipbuilding efficiency Gain the advantages of AVEVA’s Integrated Shipbuilding, the most complete solution for integrating all aspects of the shipbuilding process.

Rrm should receive the requested information within a week.

AVEVA Solutions Ltd AVEVA ERM™ (Version x & x) – Citrix Ready Marketplace

Increased productivity Through efficient resource management AVEVA’s Enterprise Resource Management solution works at the heart of material procurement and construction. Together, these will enable shipbuilders to respond even more rapidly to changing markets and new business opportunities, and to participate more efficiently in large, collaborative projects. Server SolutionsServer Components. Erj way our construction management solution integrates all these aspects is unrivalled in the market.

Lack of visibility of project status, increasing risk and control of ROI, and ultimately leading to uninformed decision making and reduced responsiveness to changes. Servers Server SolutionsServer Components. Lower your construction costs by using more efficient, integrated working processes and optimising your resource use and materials availability. Services Service ProvidersVirtual Appliances. Storage Storage ControllersStorage Solutions. AVEVA Material A materials management tool which supports the entire efm flow, from budgeting through requirements, procurement, receipt, warehousing and issue.

Integration at the object level allows Integrated Shipbuilding to provide ultimate control of change, minimising unplanned changes and delivering just-in-time production documentation. Integrated Shipbuilding solution for improved project management Discover how Sredne-Nevsky is applying AVEVA’s Integrated Shipbuilding solution as part of its plan to develop a fully-automated shipyard. Product Details AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management ERM solution suite enables efficient project management of a complex asset within capital-intensive engineering industries, with integrated resource awareness at every stage of procurement and construction.


Gain the advantages of AVEVA’s Integrated Shipbuilding, the most complete solution for integrating all aspects of the shipbuilding process. If it doesn’t, restart the download. Marine customers can better manage materials on plant-style projects Plant customers will gain new, integrated capabilities in construction planning and site materials control. Features Improved project quality Improve project monitoring and control Improve data quality, availability and visibility Minimise errors and rework Lower materials costs Buy the right materials at the best price Minimise stockholding, waste and surpluses Lower production costs Increase efficiency and coordination of working processes Optimise resource use and materials availability Shortened timescales Predict and prevent problems and bottlenecks Plan more efficient work schedules Avoid delays through materials shortages For more information, click here.

Your download will begin in a moment. Servers Server SolutionsServer Components. Constructing a capital-intensive asset comes with multiple challenges — including remaining profitable in a volatile, competitive and demanding industry with rising costs and tightening timescales.

Server SolutionsServer Components. For more information, click here. ERM software can be configured to your needs, integrated with your existing systems and other AVEVA applications, and can either be used on avevw project steps or, for maximum business benefit, fully integrated in the process for efficiency throughout. Service ProvidersAveba Appliances. Shorten timescales by predicting and preventing problems and bottlenecks, planning more efficiently and avoiding material shortage delays.

Storage ControllersStorage Solutions. For more information, click here.

Poorly integrated information results in the need to re-enter data and ultimately leads to designers, production workers and project managers having to interpret large volumes of information from their respective colleagues; this, in the worst errm, leads to rework and its associated costs.