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Apples [Richard Milward] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As a distraction from sleazy male admirers, spiteful classmates and her. Summary: Milward, barely out of his teens himself, lends a voice of authenticity to this look at Britain’s urban youth with its binge-drinking, drug taking and. Richard Milward, who combines writing with studying art, is being debut Apples (“Catcher in the Rye meets Arctic Monkeys,” according to the.

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Apples by Richard Milward 1 8 May 14, Adam spents the whole book dealing with hisOCD, his violent father his attraction to Eve and the complications and beatings this causes him. If you like books about going out, taking drugs, getting pissed and shagging then this is the book for you. When I actually sit down to write I want to get the characters early but whichever way they go mildard often improvised.

These characters are approximately 14 or 15 years old in the story and Eve thinks she is more streetwise than she is. I’d be interested to know if this is based on the Author’s experiences, or written from an outside perspective. And then there’s Adam: Ricnard dark comedy set on a council estate in Middlesborough, this book mklward narrated alternativly by Adam, Eve a butterfly, an unborn baby and an assortment of delinquents.

Grit and love in north England with Richard Milward

This does not have to be this way. Something to be said for outdoor games and horse riding. I attended Teesside University and have worked in a number of different establishments in the town, from the Cleveland Police to Legal Services to their school system. What struck me most ,ilward, however, how incredibly bored and boring they all seemed – I don’t mean the poor Adam, perhaps, but the others, especially the girls.


The characters well balanced, written to the point of being likeable but not too nice that a reader finds them annoying. Milward, barely out of his teens himself, lends a voice of authenticity to this look at Britain’s urban youth with its binge-drinking, drug taking and seemingly ubiquitous teen pregnancy.

In this setting in Middlesboro lives seem nasty, brutish and short.

Buy Apples by Richard Milward at Amazon. It is such a shame, yet a realistic description of what having richarrd child so young can do to someone living in this situation. Jan 13, Nick Davies rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am proud to say I am born and bred in Teesside. Often hailed as the new laureate of teen sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, Milward has been writing since before he was a teenager.

In which case, I may be wrong. Bit of a non-story with no real trajectory or conclusion.

Richard Milward

Usually when authors write about kids they given them these adult words and adult maturity, though they try to play it down. Applew because for the first 50 pages all that I readall it was about was sex and drinking. She falls in and out with her various friends and her sisters.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This page was last edited on 13 Octoberat I’ve sampled that delicacy, for the buzz, applss. The consequences of some of the actions of characters were overlooked or skimmed past, where in reality they were pretty epic events that would inevitably have consequences.

Preview — Apples by Milsard Milward. Novels are number one for me and I think they always will be. Richard Milward was born in Middlesbrough in Call me old-school, but I love it when stories have a clear beginning, middle and end and that the characters go on some sort of journey.

Caspar Llewellyn Smith meets Richard Milward, the young bad of Boro | Books | The Guardian

There were a few scenes which were very uncomfortable and made my toes curl. A new low in getting high. A tale of drinking, drugs and too much sex amongst the underage teens of northern england. You should see for yourself whether you like it or not, but it sure is a novel worth trying.

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Such is the self-obsession of youth. Esto fue un nuevo formato de Skins, en serio, quien haya visto la serie puede dar fe en que esto es la misma mierda His debut novel Apples was published by Faber in I read this as it is based in my home town -Middlesbrough.

Apples is based in my local area. Milward’s debut novel is an account of teenage life on a Middlesbrough housing estate. But it’s weird how there is that stigma attached to writing.

I would hate to think someone who is reading this is going through what these poor characters experienced. You may need to connect with the context a little more than some seem to have, although more than one commenter here has criticised a failed attempt at satire, when I’m quite sure that there is nothing satirical intended, just a good attempt to be a barometer of his times.

I was drawn by the colorful cover and it really was not what I expected. The entire book is about drugs, sex and alcohol, written from Eve, Adam, a butterfly, apples Baby Boy, street lights and random supporting characters — done in a way that I found disgusting as well as very disturbing. She’s just sixteen, but she’s been doing it all for ages.