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Docbook is easy to learn, easy to write, and does things other text Then you process file with Apache FOP, a Java application that. You should also take a look at the information about SVG support in FOP at the apache website: Bob Stayton. Apache™ FOP: General questions¶. What is Apache™ FOP?¶; .. Older DocBook style sheets generate fo:table-with-caption elements, so watch out.

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Getting Upto Speed With DocBook

The tools provide the means to validate and transform XML files. In Arbortext, the element is fo: It is not necessary to extract the content of these zips entirely, instead the required functionality will be extracted.

Entities for special characters 3. The reference page for the screen element can be found here: Ordered lists are used to specify a sequence of steps of which the order of evaluation is significant. I will explain later why the language attribute is important. The figure contains a mediaobject element which can occur on it’s own too and may contain audioobjectcaptionimageobjectobjectinfotextobject and videoobject elements. In Antenna House, the extension is an attribute named axf: If you unzip it to the stylesheets directory the customisation layer will unzip into the directories commonfo and xhtml.

They apacge always sick. This will generate a PDF file named according to the name provided as the second argument.

From DocBook to PDF using Apache FOP | Goran Jurić

Depending on the memory configuration of your machine, your FOP process may fail on large documents with a java. The attributes colsep and rowsep are used to control whether lines should be drawn between columns docbook rows respectively:. Unfortunately there is no morecolumns attribute, instead one has to use namest to specify the starting column of the entry and nameend to specify the ending column of the entry.


Create a suitable directory to extract the desired content from the zips into. An example is shown below:.

From DocBook to PDF using Apache FOP

The DocBook DTD Document Type Definition contains rules which specify the structure of a valid DocBook document, for example, the order that elements may appear and valid attributes etc.

The output produced in the following examples was produced using a customisation of the stylesheets hence output on systems flp implementing the same customisations may differ.

Since the Apache FOP will probably complain about hyphenation, grab the hyphenation patterns and copy the jar file fop-hyph. Although most people will run FOP using its included convenience scripts, it is useful to know where the files are. In this tutorial it is used to transform FO output produced by xsltproc into PDF which is a well known format considered by many to be aesthetically pleasing.

For example, on my home machine. Nilsson – Artificial Intelligence: The reference page for mediaobject is at docboko If you your documents to have the cocbook style as the tutorials then use this customisation layer. An example use of itemized list is shown below:. The –valid option specifies that xmllint should validate the document against the DTD and the –noout option specifies that no output should be produced if there are no errors, hence if the document being validated is valid, xmllint will exit silently.

Provides the support library for SVG graphics. Note One can use the –loaddtd option to specify an external DTD to validate the file with. That message comes from a template named root. The distribution comes as a compressed zip file with everything you need.


Use the stylesheet parameter fop1. A template for a DocBook article is shown below:. In Antenna House, an extension attribute named axf: The cleanup process entails removing duplicate page numbers on an entry, and converting a sequence of consecutive numbers to a page range.

FOP has built-in support for some graphics formats, but some popular formats such as PNG are not supported natively. The reference page for the para element can be found here: An example of a para element containing some inline elements is shown below:. FOP will convert a. Download the latest version of the Fop application, from http: That site will also provide you with detailed instructions for getting started with FOP. Note For a long time, version 0.

The idea behind mediaobject is to provide a way to include media in many formats. Some common inline elements 3.

It is probably worth downloading the customisation layer anyway so you can see how one goes about creating a customisation layer. This allows one to use the tools without an Internet connection and speeds up there execution.

Sometimes it is a project requirement but more often than that it is just more efficient having a document to which you can refer users to and stop waisting you precious time explaining the fundamentals of content management systems to novice users instead of actually doing what you are payed for.