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: Shattered Mirror (Den of Shadows) (): Amelia Atwater-Rhodes: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. It’s not easy being a vampire-hunting witch, but Sarah Tigress Vida has learned from the best. The witches of the Vida. Sarah Vida is a witch and a vampire hunter β€” and a loner. Christopher Ravena is a vampire trying to pass as a normal high school student who.

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In the end, I can only say there was one redeeming quality about this book, and that is that Sarah does not immediately decide she’s in love with Christopher at the end of the book, even though he seems to have taken quite a liking to her in the span Somewhat Spoiler Warning I read Demon amelix my View years ago when I was in high school; I’m not entirely sure if my tastes have matured since then most likelyor if it was just a better book, but I remember enjoying that one far more than this one.

The book did start getting a little better when Christopher started getting shattereed and frosty that Sarah rejected him. She views her world through the eyes of others.

She also struggles with trying to hunt a very ancient and dangerous vampire name Shattered Mirror was an excellent and thrilling book. He also has many bloodbonds humans bounded to a vampireincluding his favorite, Heather, who he’s had for three hundred years. Aside from the love story, I liked the idea that there was a line of wonderfully artistic vampires, weird as that sounds.

atwater-ruodes I was even more pissed off when Sarah noticed that this girl had the marks of Kristopher and a tear drop on her skin, meaning Christopher had marked her as his and they had shared a blood bond.


She flounces out of the room, tries to avoid him, but then meets his super sweet sister. I really liked this poem the best: Dec 17, KayteReads rated it really liked it Shelves: Atwaetr-rhodes, Stephanie Meyer’s writing is far more polished than in this book. Books of the Week.

The story itself was rushed: Feel free to join! Delacorte Pressa Division of Random House. But despite everything you can still see her fall for him, which is beautiful to watch. Christopher is a fascinating character, and his sensitivity is refreshing compared to the usual stereotypical vampire archetypes.

Seeking revenge, her younger brother, Robert, attempts to become a vampire hunter. He carved his name into her arm, however, using vampiric powers, Christine felt no pain. These books just keep getting better and shatteres. Instead, they feed on animals and willing humans.

Shattered Mirror by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes | : Books

Throughout Shattered Mirror’s, Sarah was this powerful female lead. But on the other hand, she is nothing like Dominique. I did enjoy this book and will continue reading her work; I do recommend this to the young adult community. Skin like ivory, perfect; A goddess, she must be.


The brother and sister vampires at the school are actually quite sweet β€” as far as vampires go, you know. I hope to work either as an English teacher at the secondary level, or in special education.

Feb 25, KC rated it it was amazing. A mistake she makes actually cause her path to be chosen for her, but I think in the long run it is for the best. The books in… More about Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.

Christopher was actually born around but was turned into a vampire by his twin brother, Nicolas. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Sep 13, Amanda rated it it was amazing. Honestly, I think this one is more like 2.


This book had potential.

Shattered Mirror

About Shattered Mirror Sarah Vida is a witch and a vampire hunter β€” and a loner. Caryn also appears in the novel Demon in My View. Open Preview See a Problem? Serpents gather in their nest. Published July 8th by Laurel Leaf first published September 11th This twist totally threw me off and I was wondering how this new information was going to play out. Books by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Yes, she falls in love with Chris, but the reader can’t feel any of the romance, passion, or even internal connflict she claims to go through.

She can only have certain types of friends and forget about being friends with vampires. Smoke witches are powerful healers and they do not fight or hunt vampires. It’s short and bitter-sweet. I absolutely hated that Christopher liked someone else.

Jun 20, Rebecca May rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hawksong Snakecharm Falcondance Wolfcry Wyvernhail Robert is a human attending the same school as Sarah, Christopher, and Nissa. Assuming those people think 2 vampires feeding on one girl is sexy, that is. Each coven seems to have their own rules and unusual way of handling vampires, but I think the Vida coven is clearly the most brutal.